Community Leaders that know our students and Lansing Community College best have endorsed Alex Azima for LCC Board of Trustees:

  • Greater Lansing Labor Council
  • Lansing State Journal
  • Former Lansing Mayor David C. Hollister
  • Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 333
  • LCC-MEA 8G Coordinating Council
  • Lansing’s Fourth Ward Progressives
  • Current Lansing Community College Trustees
    • Deb Canja
    • Larry Meyer
    • Lawrence Hidalgo
    • Robin Smith

What people are saying about Alex Azima:

As a former LCC physics professor and current trustee, Alex has a high level of institutional knowledge and proven commitment to student success. He listens and works collaboratively with others. Alex is the kind of leader we need to take LCC and the Lansing region into the future.

– David C. Hollister, Former Lansing Mayor

Alex understands that we need to ensure that all students, including our high school students at risk, graduate from high school and go on to college to earn a degree or certificate that leads to a good job and career.

– Deb Canja, LCC Trustee

Alex understands the important role that LCC plays in our region’s economic future.

– Larry Meyer, LCC Trustee

Alex’s experiences ‘on the ground’ as a former LCC employee has brought an immensely valuable perspective to the LCC Board of Trustees.

– Lawrence Hidalgo, LCC Trustee

As a former student of Alex Azima, I can fully attest to his contagious passion, enthusiasm for learning, and talent for inspiring those around him to achieve.  I entered Alex’s LCC physics courses as a high schooler with minimal background and graduated them equipped with skills I use to this day as an Aerospace Engineering sophomore at the University of Michigan.  Alex’s deep passion for education shone through in every lecture as he inspired me to not only learn and absorb material, but to challenge myself as a student and push myself to the limit.  I’m in my third semester in engineering at U of M, and I still regard Alex among the greatest professors I’ve ever had the privilege of learning from.  Without a doubt, Alex has played a critical role in helping me get where I am today, and I will always value the chance I had to learn from him and get to know him as an individual.

– Nic Roberts, Former Student

As one of his students, I can say Alex was one of my best professors.  His teaching and guidance had the greatest impact on my future career path, as I’m now an engineering professor myself.  Alex is truly dedicated to education and to LCC, and I know he will always have the college’s best interest in mind.

– Susan Farhat, Former Student